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Top Real Estate Skip Tracing Service


We are the best skip tracing service for real estate investors.


Real Estate Skip Tracing Service You Can Trust

Our team of professional skip tracers have lots of experience behind them and this is why we keep delivering the best results. Unlike other services that rely on.

High Return Rate 

We go deep and do all the hardwork while you focus on other areas of your business. We use all available tools to help you get accurate contacts.

Relevant Data

Unlike others who just go out there to get you numbers, we get you accurate and relevant numbers that gets answered. You can now chase the viable leads!

Team Of Real Estate Skip Tracing Experts

We have a team of expert skip tracers and a solid quality control team that ensures all deliveries pass through quality check.  You can relax and let our team take care of the hardwork for you. We delivery better results compared to our competition, this is why we are ranked number #1.

Quality & Speed

At accuracy , quality and speed go together. We deliver quality and fast as well.

Reliable reports

All you need to do is to place your order, get your report and get started calling your leads.

What We Do

Quality real estate skip tracing requires a process and this is what ours look like.

In-Depth Search

We search the right places and exercise the needed patience to bring out most recent phone number of your potential leads.

Deep Dive

We go beyond the first phase of search by manually checking and seperating the gold from the rubles.


We pull out the data and do that accurately without making costly errors.

Proper Formating

We format your data, document it and make it available for your use.

Final Check

This would be the last phase before we send it over for you to start working with.

Download To profits

Now you can download your skip traced list and start working towards your profits.

Why We Are The Best Real Estate Skip Tracing Service Available

We have a team of skip tracing experts who work round the clock finding available contacts of owners of vacant home owners. We use all available tools, search through and through, record the details and provide you with all the data in less than 48 hours, no matter the volume.

What Is Skip Tracing In Real Estate

Real estate skip tracing is a simple and effective way of searching for finding real estate leads by searching for vacant property owners. The idea is to find any available address currently used by the owner of a vacant building who might be interested in selling the property.

Save Money And Time With Our Skip Tracing Service For

We are here to help you save your time, money so  you can put your focus where it really matters. You only need to place your order, attach your files and we will get to work!

We Remain The Best Skip Tracing Service For Real Estate Investor

We work with real estate investors all over the US, helping them find contacts of vacant home owners. Our service comes at a very good pricing with an awesome turn around time and industry-high return rate of phone numbers. When it comes to real estate skip tracing for real estate investors, we remain the very best.

Bulk Skip Tracing Service You Can Trust

If you have a huge list to skip trace and you need a reliable bulk skip tracing service to get the job done for you, we are readily available to help you pull through.  

How To Get Your First Deal In Real Estate

Starting off as a real estate agent, just like any other areas of life can be challenging and could be discouraging if you lack the proper support pillar or information and guide. Most real estate agents find it difficult to gain good traction and closing the very first deal.

If real estate skip tracing is part of your strategy for finding leads, you need to hire us to get do your skip tracing.

If you are in this present situation and you need a quick solution, yes a quick one since you can not afford to stay too long at this level. You need to understand and follow these simple steps.

If you must succeed as a new real estate agent, you will need to put this at the center of all you do.

  1. You must understand the basics of finding the right buyers.
  2. be flexible to explore various marketing channels including the social media
  3. Take real estate business as a rewarding business. This helps you find the “why” for doing what you are doing.

Treat Your Business Like A Real Business

Selling properties are one of the most difficult thing out there to sell. It is a major decision for people and are huge purchases, this makes it extremely hard to find repeat buyers. To succeed as a real estate business owner, you will need to take it serious and this will definitely require your time and dedication.

No Such Thing Like A Weak Lead

Either you are buying leads or your focus is on creating your own leads, you need to understand that hunting for leads starts with your database. You should be busy finding good database you can rely on in pulling your data from within your network.

The rule of thumb in sales prospecting holds true even in real estate deals – 10-3-1. Out of every 10 prospects you are likely going to set 3 meetings and close on lead. So if your target is to close three leads a month, you should be working on how to have 30 prospects a month and setting up 9 meetings.

Maximize The Power Of Social Media

Almost half of the world is on the social media. In the U.S a minimum of 7 people out of 10 are on the social media. This means there you can create a connection with at least 7 out of all 10 leads you meet. Losing out on the social media front is losing out 70 percent of your potential leads, you can not afford to allow this to happen.

Get yourself on the social media and try to connect with people most especially locally. You can use Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Twitter Ads to target people who are interested in anything real estate. Since most people spend an average of 2-6 hours on social media a day, you can attract a good number of leads if you have the budget to spend and do your home work very well.

Don’t Enroll In The School Of Secret Agents

The social media has made a lot of expert secret agents as it get more and more easy to hide behind a mobile phone and a laptop and they become virtual champions. Influence on the social media and be physically active as well. Get out by contributing in local events and participating in networking with fellow real estate agents and potential clients.

Best Skip Tracing Service For Real Estate Agents

We deliver the type of results you need- Quality leads to do business with. Our team does all the hardwork using all available tools at our arsenal and prepare the contacts in a an easy-to-access format for you to start moving!

Real Estate Skip Tracing Service You Can Trust

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