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If you know how to get clients, and do that consistently, then you know how to grow your real estate business. Knowing how to get clients is a process that never ends with getting the client, it starts from point zero and ends at infinity.

In this article you will learn customer attraction and and retention. We will first look into how to attract clients and beat the competition. The ever growing number of realtors means the competition is getting tougher and tougher everyday, this means you must be smarter and get smarter than the competition. If you want to get smart and beat other realtors in your area, you need to read this and understand this.

Your Competition Is Local, So Must Your Strategy

As a realtor, you are not competing with other agents 100 miles away from where you are. You are at best to get buyers and sellers who are within your scope of operation or better still, your local range. This means your business is local, your opportunities are local, your competition is local so your fight must be local.

While you must go social, your social movement must be local-centric. You would need to either hire a digital expert or find out yourself if you can, the type of opportunities you can explore locally. Event, conferences, community causes are a few examples you can include in your battle plan.

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Write Strong Web Content

When a question is at hand, the first point of call is Google or any other search engine. You need to know or understand what your potential clients are looking for and how you can be the answer. Write strong web content that answer simple questions. When you invest in this, over a long period of time, you would soon become an authority and you can build your brand trust.

Go Social

Do you know about 80% of internet users are mobile users? Most users access their social accounts via mobile apps, so when you go social you can be sure of high level of engagement with your potential clients. Be active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

Create an Email Campaign Strategy

At the invent of social media, most people thought e-mail marketing is dead, it only relaxed to get better. Email marketing is far more effective as a tool for brand nurturing and business growth. You can create a timeline of effective email campaign and drip feed it to your subscribers over a long period of time. Do not sell them, rather educate them, they will trust you later on when they need to “buy” you.

Use Webinars To Generate Leads

Webinars work and you can use it as an effective tool in your battle arsenal. Hosting a webinar can require a lot of planning and putting out awesome information and help, so you would need to invest a good amount of time and resources to make this successful. You can create ever-green webinars so you don’t need to go online for each webinar. Anyone who stumbles on your webinar link can easily register and watch the webinar right there.

Volunteer In Local Community Activities

Really, this is one of the most effective ways you can get your brand noticed. Be active in local events. Be of help without really expecting something back. Be a part of a good cause just for the sake of doing something good and helping out. While CSR has become a crucial part of most corporate marketing plans, it should be done so as to be a responsible part of the community. Since the community is what provides you with the opportunity to earn, it is a good idea to give back to the community.

Find Vacant Home Owners

These are people who have being a part of the community and are still a part of the community due to the fact they have a house there though abandoned. Getting to find the list of such people and trying to get in touch can make a big difference in your business.