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Finding leads is the single factor to the success of a real estate investor. The real estate industry has tremendous potentials, with some of them lurking away from being easily reached like gold buried deep beneath the ground and even when found needs to be worked upon to make it look good.

What Is Real Estate Skip Tracing?

Fundamentally, skip tracing is an industry term used for finding fugitives that can not be found at their place of residence or usual hangout. In this case, real estate skip tracing is the process of finding a vacant home owner who probably has relocated to a new location.

When you search the term “Skip Tracing” You get results like this: Skip Tracing/ Skip Tracing ( fugitive recovery or debt recovery, or better known as skip tracing as a technical term). The word Skip is term referring to the person being searched for and it’s derived from the word… “Skip Town” which is a form of Idiomatic expression meaning to skip a town may be in a rush without leaving much clues. Skip Tracing in real estate costs between $0.15-$0.35 depending on quantity.

When It comes to real estate skip tracing as mentioned above, real estate skip tracing is all about finding vacant home owners with real estate properties left behind. Real estate skip tracing targets people who skips a town where they have a vacant home and may be interested in selling them. When doing real estate skip tracing, the main focus is to get the home owner’s phone number and get them to sell the abandoned house unlike skip tracing for criminals.

Who Is A Real Estate Skip Tracer?

While there are skip tracers who work with bounty hunters or private investigators, a real estate skip only focus on vacant home owners. A real estate skip tracer is an expert who helps real estate investors find the contact of vacant home owners

Finding a competent real estate skip tracing expert can be a difficult task most times due to so many factors. Some skip tracers only uses automated systems with a very poor level of return rate. From our years of experience we realized that a single name can be attributed to more than 3-4 people in the same area. In this case, there is a need for a human check to trim down the details and finally zoom down to the real person that needs to be found.

Common Tools Or Sites Used In Real Estate Skip Tracing

The internet has become a huge farming tool of information that can be used in so many ways. The most common tools used in the industry are TLO and Lexis Nexis. Both are known to have huge database of people in the united states and are well subscribed to. Most skip tracing experts use this tools to first curate data about their target and later go ahead to manually check to validate the data.

How Is Real Estate Skip Tracing Performed?

Real estate skip tracing is done by collecting the last known information about the vacant home owner. The most used data would be the last known home address, the address of the vacant house that is of interest. The address should include the house number, street, city, zip code, and state. Using these details an experienced skip tracing expert will input the data in different variations to find the phone numbers of the person of interest and/or the relatives contact as well.

Why You Need A Real Estate Skip Tracing Expert?

As a real estate investor, you will have lots of tasks on your table. Finding time to skip trace your list can be the last thing you want to focus you time doing even while it is an important part of your business. Delegating the task to a real estate skip tracing expert can save you a lot of hours and money as well. You can focus on other areas of your business while you use our services to help you find accurate contact of vacant home owners.

Bulk Skip Tracing For Real Estate Investors?

Not all fingers are equal. Yes, this applies to almost every area of life. While some investors would want to skip trace 10 lists or 50 some will want to skip trace 1000 or 5000 at a time. When it comes to 2000 above, this is what we call bulk skip tracing. We offer bulk skip tracing service to our clients and one advantage of this is the pricing, you get to pay less for sending more work our way. How does this sound… You can even pay as less as $0.15 per contact for bulk skip tracing.

What Is Batch Skip Tracing?

Batch Skip tracing is another term for bulk skip tracing. Batch skip tracing is when you send a huge list of vacant home owners to be skip traced. Some batch skip tracing starts from $0.15 to $0.20 per record if you have 5000 lists. Generally, batch skip tracing is always more cost effective compared to sending your list in scanty numbers.

Why You Need To Choose Us As Your Real Estate Skip Tracing Agency

We are the secret behind so many real estate agencies’ success. We have helped them realize their sales target and grow their business to a new level. We stay behind the scene and help them do the work.

If you want us to help you get the job done searching for your vacant home owners, all you need to do is place your order by submitting your list in an excel format and we will get to work right away.

For more information about our real estate skip tracing service, check our home page for more information.