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Customers or clients, business owners have lost the anchor of today’s business. Businesses are being controlled by the clients. Little every one calls them the “King”. If a business must survive and thrive, it must understand the dynamics of its clients. This holds true for a real estate agent as well. You need to have a good understanding the different types of clients that exist out there. Armed with this knowledge you are always going to be one step ahead of your competition and clients-deal ratio.

If real estate skip tracing is part of your client acquisition strategy, use us to help you get the best contacts.

If you want to learn the tricks and position yourself as a super agent out who has the ability to quickly analyse, understand and relate well client, then you will need to invest the next 4 minutes of your time to transform your business.


  1. The Quick Seller: A quick seller is the type of client whose most important need is cash. Transforming his/her equity into liquid cash that be spent anywhere in the world. He is more interested in closing a reasonable deal than to wait just a few more days..
  2. The Profiteer: The profiteer is doing the deal for a profit and you need to understand that psychology. The seller might only sell when the price looks good and you should be aware of that. If you offer what is below the profit bracket of the client, you can be sure the offer will be turned down since you are unable to meet the motivation trigger in the deal.
  3. The Quick Seller: The client in this deal is driven by only one motivation- Getting the house sold and moving on. More than often the motivating factor is something else. May be the need for a quick cash, relocation or having to resume for work at a new town. When you spot this type of clients, they have no time to waste and are ready to make a quick deal.
  4. The First Time Buyer: Always the most difficult. You will have to answer tons of questions and explain so many details upfront as well.  Such clients could be skeptical, wanting to take one step at a time and might require  a lot of time to make the final decision.
  5. The forever buyer: This type of people buy a house and see it as a part of their life forever. They have something bigger than a long-term view for buying the house, they have a life-time perspective. You will need to be patient with this type of clients while they take their time to check everything to be sure this is the best decision for them. Recognizing this type of buyers should not be difficult, you can sense that already at your first meeting or even over the phone.